Health Benefits

Honey not only tastes good but as scientists are discovering, it is naturally healthy! Containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that contribute to our immune system, physical and mental health.

Science is now recognising that honey is a much healthier option as a sweetener than sugar. According to well-known and respected, UK Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, here are her views on the specific honeys in the New Zealand Honey Co Range in terms of health and well-being.   

Boosting Energy

Glucose in honey is absorbed very quickly by our bodies giving an immediate energy boost, while other sugars in the honey (fructose) give sustained energy over time.  Best energy boosting honey: Clover

Improving Digestive Health

Honey feeds and boosts the growth of the digestive flora (good bacteria), in our intestines. These bacteria help to absorb essential nutrients including calcium, neutralise harmful toxins and strengthen the immune system. Best digestive health improving honey: Beech Forest Honeydew

Fighting Coughs and Colds

All honey have levels of antibacterial activity which helps to fight infections. UMF rated Manuka honey has higher levels of antibacterial properties making it the superior choice. Most popular honey to fight coughs and colds: Manuka Range

Soothing Sore Throats

Honey has a potent anti-inflammatory action, helping to reduce swelling, relieving pain, while the antibacterial action of honey helps fight the harmful bacteria associated with sore throats. Most popular honey for soothing sore throats: Manuka Range

An Antioxidant Boost

Antioxidants are suggested to be the body’s only defence against free radicals. Free radicals are formed from many sources including radiation, pollution and stress causing cell damage resulting in disease and accelerated aging. Thyme Honey has antioxidant levels up to five times higher than other honeys. Honey for an antioxidant boost: Thyme

Controlling Hunger

The mix of sugars in honey not only boost energy levels (blood sugar levels), but maintain energy levels for up to 2 hours and therefore people don’t get so hungry and don’t need to eat as often. Honey for controlling hunger: Clover

Helping sleep

When we close our eyes the body produces a sleep hormone called melatonin, honey enhances the production of this hormone. The natural sugars in the honey also fill the body’s fuel tank with the correct sugars needed by the brain through the night, so we don’t run out of brain food while asleep and therefore we sleep better. Best honey for helping sleep: Clover