Manuka Honey UMF 3.5 - Squeezy Bottle

  • EASY TO USE: harvested raw, this pure and natural unpasteurised honey comes to you in an easy, convenient, squeezy bottle; no more sticky mess and ideal for the whole family to use
  • SUPERFOOD - Manuka Honey UMF 3.5+ is known worldwide for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, supporting digestive and immune health and relieving the symptoms of sore throats and coughs
  • SUSTAINABLE SOURCE - the Manuka tree is an indigenous plant of New Zealand and can only be sourced from our unique and beautiful country: our honey is a natural living food meaning it still contains all the natural pollens and enzymes as it is the original sweet liquid produced by the bees
  • UMF CERTIFIED - we are a member of the UMF association; this is a measure of three signature compounds found in Manuka Honey, meaning it assures purity and quality and what is stated on the label is guaranteed as a minimum
  • 100% NEW ZEALAND MADE - New Zealand is unique in the world as it doesn’t allow for the importation of honey and all our batches are independently tested, meaning you can be completely sure what you receive is 100% genuine, as stated on the jar